Jan Rust
Brand thinker /

"Brand should touch every part of the business, in digital, print, and most importantly, the people who are behind the business."

Brand strategy, concept, digital direction, development and interaction design

Pixeldot rule #1

We understand the needs of the client, staff, consumer and end user, the brief, the market and the offering.

Luke Taylor
Brand thinker /

"Great branding is not a requirement of a successful business, but an essential element for growth. Without a brand a business is walking blind, and we are here to help them find the right path."

Brand strategy, concept, creative direction, print implementation, photography

Pixeldot rule #2

We challenge - we look for opportunities commercially or socially to engage and widen the net of the brands we work for, and to positively impact the lives of the many. We challenge our clients, the tradition and ourselves to create brands that create lasting impact.

Chandra Fifield
Brand thinker /
Project manager

"I love the technical and creative challenge of bringing a brand to life through tone of voice. I'm also the go-to girl for clients."

Project management, copywriting, client engagement, facilitation

Pixeldot rule #3

We lead where others follow. We take ownership of the brand, the project and the outcomes - we don’t follow the crowd. We lead the conversation.

Natalie Burns
Brand thinker /

"Successful branding is an alignment of organisational purpose, culture and output that gives employees and customers a raison d’etre. You can experience a great brand when you meet their team, and when you click a button on their site."

Strategy, culture change, workshop facilitation, research and analysis

Pixeldot rule #4

We’re driven by ambition and we love to work with clients who feel the same. Our ambition drives us to make positive change, to be disruptive for the greater good and to see that change become a reality.

Jason Best
Brand thinker /

"Bringing brands to life and knowing every day provides a different challenge is what gets me up every morning."

Print design, offline collateral and print management

Pixeldot rule #5

We do what we say we will. On time, on budget, and above expectation.

Catia Neves
Brand thinker /

"I love design, I always have, and working each day to bring brands to life through print, websites and advertising campaigns has just made me love it more."

Digital design, illustration and iconography

Sheri Clark
Brand thinker /
Office manager

Office management, production management, supplier liaison

Julia Burns
Brand thinker /

"Everyone knows their business needs a great website, business cards, brochures - but then what? What content do you need to make your brand work for the long term and help you sell? I love to help the up-and-comers get to their next stage."

Marketer, copy and content expert

Clare Taylor
Brand thinker /

"Great copy should be a conversation between a brand and customer. Through well considered and personality filled content we can build a rapport and trust that's hard to achieve without consistency and vibrancy. It's what makes my job so interesting."

Brand messaging, multimedia marketing, copywriting

Camille Obligis
Brand thinker /
Account Executive

"I love the idea of bringing the personality of a brand to life. We embark on a journey that never ends; investigating an organisation & its environment, planning an itinerary that is exciting, guiding towards the right direction, and ensuring that we never sleep buy climbing each step with a new idea."

Client liaison, social media marketing, web management

Karolina Brongiel
Brand thinker /
Project Manager

"Great branding is a powerful communication tool. Applied eloquently it brings purpose to an organisation, its culture, people and offering. We ask complex, strategic questions to translate the brand to the world in a simple and meaningful way."

Account management, project management, facilitation