Building a brand family for
Africa’s largest urban developer

Deliverables: Brand strategy, brand guardianship, parent and sub-brands, print collateral, digital design & development

Rendeavour is Africa’s leading urban developer with more than 30,000 acres of land in the urban growth trajectories of major cities in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They work in partnership with world-class experts, local developers, governments and local communities to create large-scale, mixed-use, mixed-income satellite cities.

Our relationship with Rendeavour began when they commissioned us to carry out a full rebrand complete with website, marketing materials, and print and digital assets. Already a very successful name in the built environment sector, Rendeavour had several satellite city projects in the pipeline.

Rendeavour delivers its projects in Africa but its team is also based in the UK and Russia. This meant that the research phase was even more important than normal as we had to comprehend the African culture we would be delivering a brand to. Understanding the market, the target groups, the industry and overall ethos of the countries that we were designing for was vital for the impact of the end result.

To deliver a brand that engaged the people and not just the corporates, we undertook weeks of research: viewing documentation, websites, blogs, and image galleries, and speaking to people on the ground in Africa, to build up a picture of how the brand should be delivered. We had to immerse ourselves in the style trends of Africa and the future growth of visual identities in the marketplace. Our sole goal was to deliver a brand that was high quality and aspirational whilst being grounded in African culture and style. Consideration was also given to how the brand would work in relation to its satellite city projects.

For the logo design, we had to consider and keep the primary goals of clean, high quality, modern and professional design at heart. The development of the logo allowed us to continually strip back the visualisation until we had a well-defined, rounded and premium looking visual.

Brand design for Rendeavour - branding, design, web development, by Pixeldot. Branding Brighton, London and NYC.

Colour is a vital part of African culture – from celebrations to sorrow, there are colours which represent emotions, traditions and religions. It was important for us to develop a brand colour palette sensitive to these considerations, as well as ensuring Rendeavour were conveyed in a positive light. To achieve this, we looked at colours of royalty, status and power: purple and gold. This formed the foundation for the primary colour palette. It was important to make sure the premium status of the brand was understood so that its colour would become synonymous with Rendeavour.


Brand design for Rendeavour - branding, design, web development, by Pixeldot. Branding Brighton, London and NYC.
Web design for Rendeavour - branding, design, web development, by Pixeldot. Branding Brighton, London and NYC.

We designed a multitude of print items to cover Rendeavour’s needs. The centrepiece was a sales brochure for the B2B market to introduce the organisation and showcase each of their satellite projects. As a key marketing tool, it was intentionally designed to stand out and not conform to standard brochure formats. The shape is square and uses full bleed imagery to complement the copy. The brochure cover is a three-fold throw-out cover featuring an internal map of the continent, showing the locations of the current Rendeavour projects. This attention to detail has helped Rendeavour to consolidate their position as the number one urban developer in Africa.

A set of pull-up banners were designed for use at project locations, trade shows and sales events. Each featured compelling imagery along with a key message to reiterate Rendeavour’s commitments to their projects, the countries they work in, and the people touched by their work.

We began Rendeavour’s digital overhaul by assessing their old website, before devising a strategy with recommendations for how it could be improved and which elements were strong enough to incorporate into the new one.

The finished result is a strong website which acts as a primary source of brand awareness and a solid base from which Rendeavour can build digital campaigns. The website has been designed to be crisp, clean, and show the value of the Rendeavour projects. It works smoothly across all devices, from desktop and tablet to mobile.

We also created an HTML email template for Rendeavour news to be sent directly to subscribers on a regular basis. To help Rendeavour sales staff with presentations to potential new customers and key stakeholders, we created a fully branded PowerPoint template complete with divider slides, graphs, and charts. Other digital assets that were created include a range of web advertising templates and email signatures.

At this stage in their infancy, we helped showcase Rendeavour’s sub-projects through the creation of case study templates housed in a high quality branded folder, for employees to take out with them on the road. Business stationery including business cards, headed paper, compliment slips, and branded envelopes were produced to reiterate the brand at every touchpoint. And finally, a range of newspaper advertising templates were conceived for the client to advertise globally.

The brand has been extremely well-received throughout Africa and has cemented Rendeavour’s position as Africa’s largest urban developer. Rendeavour were present at the Presidential Summit in Kenya in early 2016, where the brand was praised by Barack Obama, who said;

“I really like the work you are doing here, and these brochures look pretty slick, I really love the purple. Nice job.” – President Barack Obama

Brand design for Jigna - branding, design, web development, by Pixeldot. Branding Brighton, London and NYC.
Brand design for Tatu City - branding, design, web development, by Pixeldot. Branding Brighton, London and NYC.
Brand design for Tatu Waters - branding, design, web development, by Pixeldot. Branding Brighton, London and NYC.
Brand design for Appolonia - branding, design, web development, by Pixeldot. Branding Brighton, London and NYC.

Following the success of the parent group rebrand, our relationship with Rendeavour has evolved to supporting their brand growth in individual target markets. This has been achieved through the delivery of brand identities for Rendeavour’s satellite developments in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Each development is anywhere from 120 – 4, 400 hectares in scale and offers a mixture of housing, amenities and infrastructure to help sustain and accelerate Africa’s growth. Dubbed ‘live-work-play’ environments, each sub-project is at a different stage of development – anywhere between planning, construction, and sales. The uniting theme however, is that each must be balanced against the parent brand of Rendeavour.

The client wanted strong brand identities for each sub-project, which included either a completely new visual identity, website, and suite of marketing materials, or developments to current logos to bring them in line with the quality and impact of the parent brand.

We received background information from the client to explain each development’s history, geography, community persona, build stage and target audiences. From this base, we carried out additional research to set the foundations for the visual work.

Each development was given considered, contemporary creative that cascaded down into the full accompaniment of marketing materials for each development: brochures, leaflets, exhibition displays, slide decks, e-newsletters, and ID cards. The client also commissioned special pieces of print for some of the developments, to showcase them at specific events.

The result is a strong collection of high-quality branded urban developments that are leading the way in the built environment sector across the African continent.