New brand for successful IT service providerincreases their appeal and client base

Panoptics delivers IT services and solutions with a difference. Founded in 2012 by a group of infrastructure, network and service experts in response to their frustration at the way the market was operating, Panoptic’s fresh approach has earned an impressive roll call of clients including the Royal Opera House, Lords Cricket Ground, and Olympia London.

Three years from launch, Panoptics were enjoying success through word-of-mouth and recommendation. But they wanted to build on that base. We were tasked with developing a brand that could convey the ethos of their business to new and existing clients, with the aim of enhancing not only the reputation of Panoptics, but also their appeal.

Panoptics website design and development. By Pixeldot, a brand agency in Brighton.

Frank and funny. Not the impression you normally get from initial glance at the IT sector, which is saturated with visually poor brands that have no way of differentiating their services or promoting their USPs to their target audiences. When meeting with Panoptics for the first time we were struck by their candidness, honesty and playful sense of humour. They were very different from what we expected, but none of their previous brand or promotion gave any indication of this.

At the heart of the Panoptics rebrand was a new, fresh tone of voice focussed around having fun and being personable and real. We evidently wanted to position Panoptics as an industry leader, but we also wanted the brand to be infused with personality, passion and integrity. Another key area for Panoptics was around it being positively disruptive. It was something it did well already and we wanted to bring that to the fore of its branding.

Concepts for the brand were devised around the scalable nature of the business and finding beauty and simplicity in a seemingly complex environment. The pattern for the logo was created using the golden ratio − a mathematical formula for creating beauty in design.

Visual style was minimal but highly inspirational to show what Panoptics enables, rather than what it technically delivers. For example, Twickenham stadium hosting rugby, ballet at the Royal Opera House, or people dancing at The House of Vans night club − all things made possible thanks to Panoptics.

The new website needed to work as a lead-generation tool, as visitors to the site hail from across the spectrum of business roles – from IT managers to finance directors. These users would have a range of knowledge on the subjects featured on the website – and some would have a very in-depth understanding of the offering, so it was important for the website to appeal to a variety of people without alienating them or dumbing down. Having a content structure which allowed the non-technical users to understand Panoptics’ general offering, but allowing further levels of detailed content for more advanced users, was very important.

Panoptics logo design. By Pixeldot, a brand agency in Brighton.