New brand redefines finance and technology recruitment firm

Deliverables: Rebrand / Website / Photography / Collateral / Strategy

Grovelands are a leading recruitment firm based in London and Brighton. They specialise in fulfilling contractor placements in the financial and technology sectors.

Grovelands approached us requiring a rebrand to show their development in the industry, their growth and their potential. Their previous brand was lacking in clarity and emotion – it was not representative of the business or their ambitions. They also wanted to overhaul their brand touchpoints, including their website and offline collateral.

Brand design work for Grovelands recruitment firm in Brighton.
Brand strategy work for Grovelands in Brighton - graphic design of business cards.
Brand strategy for internal culture at Grovelands recruitment firm Brighton.
Brand strategy for image use at Grovelands recruitment firm Brighton.
Brand strategy for brand guideline design at Grovelands recruitment firm Brighton.
Brand strategy for use of colour in brand guidelines at Grovelands recruitment firm Brighton.
Brand strategy for use of typography in design at Grovelands recruitment firm Brighton.

We carried out our unique branding process with Grovelands, through internal and external workshops, client interviews, and competitor research. From our first visit to Grovelands, it was clear that their external persona did not match the reality you’re greeted with when stepping through their door. Their previous brand was fairly basic, cold and dated – but Grovelands themselves could not be further from that image. They are a young, vibrant, bold and decisive recruitment firm who are delivering an outstanding service in a fresh and innovative way. It was our job to capture that spirit into the brand, visualisation and website.

We presented Grovelands with the strapline idea of ‘Redefining recruitment’ – which we felt was at the heart of our research and conversations, and was a message everyone could instantly relate to.

The brand’s original name comes from the farm of the founder, therefore we wanted to bring elements of woodland, nature and growth into the new brand. We have done this through the use of beautiful imagery that is dynamic and moving without being too descriptive or complicated. The unfussy, strong and bold messaging mirrors the brand styling and allows Grovelands to have a strong visual presence and stand proud of their competitors.

When first meeting Grovelands we were struck by the vibrancy, fun and laughter that filled the office. For a large open plan space, there were no quiet areas or isolated employees – everyone was talking, engaging and laughing. It was clear that this was a work environment that made people comfortable and able to do their work in a way that suited them. The challenge for us was to bring that vibrancy, energy and passion through the staff headshots (which anyone who has ever had a headshot will know can be a painful and awkward experience!)