Dallas and Londonteam up to find people’s stuff

GlobeRanger are a Fujitsu company based out in Dallas, Texas. We have been working with them to create various communications to show-off what they do. GlobeRanger use RFID tracking and their IoT platform to track assets for the aviation, manufacturing, and emergency services.

We flew out to Dallas to run workshops with the teams who head up the different sectors. We also shot photography and video to use as content throughout the work.

We created a website with rich animations to show off how different platforms and concepts work. For this we created the content, shot the photography, and created a video to promote GlobeRanger as a great place to work.

The website is scalable and easily manageable by the internal team so that they can develop and modify the site inline with the fast-paced and evolving nature of the business.

We also created a range of sales and event assets for the team to use.

Website design for GlobeRanger by Pixeldot. A brand agency in Brighton.