Lessons learned on the business of design

Working in the creative industries can often feel like a constant process of learning and unlearning; framing and reframing. Our role is to challenge the status quo and lead others towards a new way of thinking, but to do this successfully requires empathy and insight informed through data and conversation. We need to understand, reimagine and then paint a vision of a future driven by design – whether in the context of new brand identities, approaches to packaging, zines, billboard campaigns, entertainment, or video. We ask people to have faith in the power of design to transform: to facilitate change in society, business and within individuals.

So how do you educate someone on the business of design?

Whether or not you believe in the importance of higher education for those pursuing careers in the creative industries, many professionals often find that it’s the lessons learned in the field that have fundamentally shaped their practice. At Pixeldot we wholeheartedly believe this, so our founders have headed out to New York to live and work for a month, soaking up cultural differences, being inspired by change, and knowledge sharing with some of the world’s leading creatives.

This summer, we are asking up-and-coming New York creatives, designers, photographers, motion artists and more, to share their lessons learned on a postcard to us. We’ll be compiling their advice and stories into a publication online and off, with the aim of arming the future generation of creatives with an insight into the realities of the business of design.


We would love to invite you, as a representative of an up-and-coming* cohort of leading designers, image makers, strategists and artists to get involved in our post:ed project by contributing a postcard.

Download postcard template

There are a few guidelines for the postcard:

  • The primary postcard must kick it old skool – it’s got to be printed and posted.
  • A secondary digital version of the postcard is great, but it must be accompanied by a physical printed version. Digital versions need to be embeddable.
  • Printed postcards should be 5×7 inches and sent to Pixeldot, Lewes House, 32 High St, Lewes, BN7 2LX, United Kingdom by the end of September 2017.
  • Side 1 should be a creative interpretation of your lesson learned, and the other should be a written piece of advice and the postal address.
  • If you are participating, please fill out this form so we can link to your online presence appropriately.

*up-and-coming is a state of mind. We’re looking for the next Paula Scher, the next Sagmeister. People who are nailing it right now, who’ll be the legends of tomorrow.

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Why New York?

Throughout June, the Pixeldot team will be exploring NYC, meeting up with our existing clients and sharing experience and ideas with like-minded, up-and-coming creatives. This is going to be the first instalment of the post:ed project, with each city representing a chapter in the story. Over the course of the year we’ll also be inviting creatives from Brighton, London and Paris to participate.

Fancy a coffee?

If you’re based in NYC and would like to meet up with us to chat more about the project, our work, or just fancy a coffee / beer, please drop us a line – the first one’s on us.