What’s with the thinking?

Those of you who have been following us for the last few years might be wondering what changes are afoot with all of the Brand thinking™ bandied around here lately. Let’s just say we’ve found our groove!

We haven’t changed our name, we’re still Pixeldot, but we wanted to create something that would really communicate what our core agency skill is. For us, everything is about brand and always has been. Yes we create websites, design logos, do great graphic design and all the things we’ve always done, but for us, all of this has just been a way to communicate brands. We have always questioned how a website works for a brand, or how an ad campaign may fit within a company’s brand strategy. And now we want the world to know that we think beyond the glossy veneer of graphic design.

We’ve been honing our processes and how we approach projects to develop our way of working – what we call Brand thinking™. This process allows us to really get to the bottom of what makes companies tick, what sets them apart from their competitors, and why their clients and customers should work with them. From there we’re able to create strong brand strategies and narratives that run through every thread of the business and brand.

This ensures that when we do get to the implementation of a brand through logos, colours, websites, tone of voice, imagery and everything else, it already has a strong thread from which to hang. This doesn’t just achieve brand consistency, but has huge benefits for our clients; giving a real, measurable return on investment, and enthusing staff and empowering marketing teams.

So, we’re still Pixeldot, but we just have our thread.