Joining the Pixeldot team and becoming a brand thinker

From a playground in Eaton Park, Norwich, to the beautiful Sussex countryside of Lewes, it’s been a long journey.

The opportunity for me to join Pixeldot arose after a conversation with Creative Director, Luke Taylor in early summer and since then I have never looked back. I knew Luke from university in Norwich and have been friends ever since. I have been consistently impressed with his progression to where he and Pixeldot co-founder and Digital Director, Jan Rust, are now at with Pixeldot. When the chance to come and work for them came up, it was one I couldn’t turn down and I jumped at the chance!

Moving my life from my previous location of Colchester, Essex, has been a huge change for me. It’s one I felt that at this moment in time needed to be made, to enable me to develop and progress on a professional and personal level. The draw of working at Pixeldot and living in Brighton – with its creative culture, superb live music scene and running community – was extremely strong for me.

I have been working at Pixeldot for the last few months now and it has been a steep learning curve, to integrate with a larger team and effectively change my way of thinking from what I was used to. To change the process of approaching new projects, especially branding ones, has been the biggest challenge, but one that with more research, development and guidance I am determined to conquer. Dealing with clients face-to-face and being part of meetings has been a side to my role that I have really enjoyed engaging in.

Under the guidance of Luke and Jan, brand thinking the Pixeldot way provides a very exciting methodology for working and one I am aiming to replicate as I integrate into my new environment. It’s a refreshing way to work and one I am very enthusiastic about being part of.

Going from a team of three in my previous job, to a team of six (plus Walnut the whippet) has delivered a greater sense of working together for a common goal. The emphasis placed by Luke and Jan on being a team player, is a value I am more than comfortable with and happy to undertake.

I have been welcomed into the Pixeldot family with amazing friendliness and support by my new colleagues, which has definitely helped me settle into Sussex life much easier. The positive energy in the studio, whether from the work, the conversation, the coffee or Walnut, is infectious. We spend a high proportion of our day with work colleagues, so to find a group as brilliant as I have done is a huge bonus. Socialising out of work has also been fun, which has included meeting for food, birthday pizza and a team-building day in London.

I have definitely been eating more cake, bacon sarnies and drinking more coffee than ever before since joining Pixeldot, which I have come to realise are staple ingredients for a productive day. The office itself is an awesome environment to work in, with amazing views, chill-out spaces and amusement at watching a growing collection of cardboard boxes beside Jan’s desk.

Meeting new and interesting people, getting positive feedback from clients and learning as much as I have done over the last few months, has confirmed to me that I know this is where I want to be right now.

And now back to work.