From Portugal to Brand Thinking with Pixeldot, it’s been a long journey

After finishing university, I decided to challenge myself and move to England about two years ago. I wanted to learn the culture, see new places, but most importantly learn in one of the most creative cities in the UK.

I definitely miss some bits of Portugal: the sun, the beach, the food and most importantly, family and friends, but I want to say I’m truly happy living here and everything has been worth it! Portugal is now my holiday destination.

The opportunity to join the Pixeldot family came last year in July, when I was looking for a new job. I had an interview with Creative Director, Luke Taylor and Digital Director, Jan Rust. I was so nervous at the time, but I felt so happy being there and meeting them. Since that moment I knew I would like to work for Pixeldot. They impressed me with their ideas and work, and I immediately identified with them. A couple of weeks later I received the news they have accepted me to be part of the team. I was happy – very happy!

Being part of Pixeldot for the past few months is making me grow as a designer as well as a person. I have become a part of the Pixeldot family with great friendships and affection for all my colleagues. At Pixeldot, everyday has been a challenge but I’ve learnt a lot. I have been working on branding projects, large global campaigns, and the work is always varied and interesting.

Luke and Jan are always on hand to offer advice and guidance, and I am never afraid to ask questions, which is great. Luke and Jan make the whole team feel part of the Pixeldot family. They have created a great family culture, every Friday we have team breakfast, we go for days out to exhibitions, have team nights out, and walk Walnut (the most-loved office dog in the world!). These are the little things that make us feel at home with family. The office atmosphere is brilliant. We have an amazing office with a beautiful view over the countryside. You should come over and take a look!