Shooting 14th-15th April 2018

We’re looking for a range of people (non-professional models and pros alike!) to take part in a photoshoot for a financial services client.
You’d be required to come along to Brighton Studio at New England House for half the day and this is a paid gig.

Please complete the form below if you are interested in participating.


Who we’re looking for

  • Couples in their 20s
  • Couples in their 30s
  • Couples in their 50s
  • Grandparents / couples over 65
  • Parent(s) and children of all ages
  • Pregnant women and their partners

We’d like to champion diversity so encourage any of you who are interested in the shoot to get in touch.

About the campaign

The photoshoot will be capturing positive, real life families who are keen to get more out of their finances. It’ll be a studio shoot where we invite families, couples and friends to just be themselves in front of the camera – so don’t worry if you haven’t got experience in front of a camera! Our team will be making the whole experience an enjoyable day with professional makeup artists and stylists on set, full catering throughout the day and a generally jovial atmosphere. Puppies may or may not be involved.

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